If it’s unique, it’s an ARTIKA: celebrating World Art Day

Every 15 April is also ARTIKA day. The timing is no coincidence: it’s the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth. World Art Day is also an excellent opportunity to remember the values that make our editions different from others: dedication, innovation and uniqueness.


A day to celebrate creativity

Art is a language that transcends borders and encourages the interchange of ideas. It is a vehicle for discovering the cultural diversity of people from around the world.

UNESCO promotes a wide range of activities, conferences and workshops where artistic creation plays an important role in all areas of society, from education to the way we see the world.

It is also the perfect time to remember the three concepts that define our work at ARTIKA:

· All our projects are the culmination of thorough research processes.

· We are committed to innovation and exclusive designs that reflect the artist’s essence.

· Every ARTIKA creation is unique.

Let’s take a look at some examples that clearly illustrate our commitment to art through these values.


Every edition is a challenge

At ARTIKA we use rigorous methods to create each project and we rely on the collaboration of leading experts. We start with research processes that can last for years, always aiming for the best possible results.

This was the case with The Dreams of Frida Kahlo. It took five years of effort to locate and identify all of the Mexican artist’s drawings, which were scattered all over the world in museums and private collections. This art book represents the first in-depth study of Frida Kahlo’s lesser-known facet.



An ARTIKA is part of an artist’s legacy.

Every detail, whether in the design of the artwork or in the choice of materials, is meticulously crafted to reflect the personality of a great artist. This intention is also reflected in the styling of each case.

Our Jaume Plensa 61 art book takes us inside the creative process of the painter and sculptor, with an exclusive design: the box is a sculpture created by Jaume Plensa only for this edition. So not only do you acquire a very special edition, but also an original and serialised piece by the artist himself.


An ARTIKA is unrepeatable

At the heart of every ARTIKA project is craftsmanship. We choose the precise quality for each print and our books are distinguished by the hand-sewn binding. Each copy is unique and is part of a limited edition.

For Paisajes, the book was designed by hand by Antonio López himself, who was deeply involved in the project: from the choice of the images to the writing of the texts. Which makes this the art book that best defines not only Antonio López’s career, but his personality as well. All copies of Paisajes are also signed by the artist.


ARTIKA’s creations are the protagonists

Every copy of an ARTIKA creation has been designed and produced to be something more than just an art book.

Discovering the ARTIKA experience means having the chance to treasure an exceptional work of art. Whoever buys one of our editions gains exclusive access to a chapter in the history of art.

An ARTIKA edition is a work of art – which is why the month of April is the best time to celebrate it.





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