ARTIKA is a publishing house specialized in artist books created in collaboration with great national and international artists.

Our trajectory started in 2003, expressing our firm commitment to art and luxury publishing with the work “Don Quixote” by Salvador Dalí. 

After 20 years of work and a succession of unique pieces, Artika has become an exclusive publishing label that has globally redefined the concept of the artist’s book.

Thanks to all the passion we put into our projects, and always guided by the savoir faire of the artists and expert collaborators with whom we work, we have managed to expand our collection to more than 30 works in limited editions, all of which are sold out.


At Artika we believe that knowledge is timeless and draws unlimited inspiration from the past. 

Since our beginnings, we have dedicated our editions to the greatest masters, both in the history of art and today, to form a collection of contemporary works that invite you to discover the essence and soul of each artist, exuding a distinctive, novel, elegant and incomparable style, blending techniques, intellect and emotion.

Our goal is to make art accessible to all of society through inspiring creations that embrace a fresh and contemporary style, designed to be as inclusive and unique as they are accessible and diverse.


Since its inception in 2003 Artika has been dedicated to creating books that are beautiful works of art. Passion and attention to detail are what characterize us. Our works are made following meticulous handcrafted processes, turning each copy into an original, unique and unrepeatable piece, where design and innovation are always present, from the conceptualization of the project to the materials used. 

The respect for the product and the creative process is evident in every step, from the meticulous hand binding, the captivating images that transport readers to different times and places, the hand-pressed paper with its opulent thickness on each page, and the exquisite design and craftsmanship of each case or sculpture, among other elements.

We have succeeded in elevating luxury to the publishing industry, producing unique books that offer a level of excellence unparalleled in the 21st century, true works of art in their own right.


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