Frida Kahlo

The Dreams of Frida Kahlo


ARTIKA invites us to discover The Dreams of Frida Kahlo, an artist's book that shows the overwhelming personality and indisputable talent of the Mexican painter, a cultural symbol and universal icon.

It is an exceptional opportunity to know, in detail, the suggestive fragility of her dreams, the extraordinary strength of her art and her exciting life and reality.

For the first time, this edition allows us to enjoy all of Frida Kahlo’s existing drawings in a unique and unrepeatable work. To do so, it has been necessary to meticulously locate and compile them, since many of them disappeared after her death, while others were forgotten in private bequests, not always accessible, and in museums.

The Art Book offers a selection of 34 drawings, reproduced to original scale and accompanied by quotations that Frida herself wrote down in her Diary.

«The Art Folder reveals a reproduction of a large sepia print by Frida Kahlo, El pájaro nalgón (1946), a spectacular and enigmatic mosaic from the time of her affair with José Bartolí.»

The Study Book, illustrated with nearly 100 drawings, offers the first analysis of Frida Kahlo’s work by the artist’s most renowned experts. Helga Prignitz-Poda, co-author of the catalog raisonné on Frida’s works, art historian and exhibition curator, analyzes the Mexican painter’s work in depth. Juan Rafael Coronel Rivera, journalist and poet, grandson of Diego Rivera, and María del Sol Argüelles San Millán, director of the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, complete this study, showing the most intimate side of the artist.

The Sculpture Case exhibits the Self-Portrait “Autorretrato con collar de espinas y colibrí (1940)”, which is revealed behind a veil of die-cut wooden leaves. Frida’s intense gaze invites us to delve into her most personal works to get to know her most unknown facet. Her hidden face is revealed as well as her most intimate world, unveiling the interior of the work.



  • Case in MDF wood, foamed PVC and cardboard. Lid in foamed PVC, lateral profiles in MDF wood. Interior with frame and center partitions in foamed PVC.
  • Interior of the case lined with Toile Canvas fabric.
  • Interior lined with green Saphir fabric.
  • MDF oak plywood.
  • Dimensions: 72.5 x 45 x 10.5 cm (28.6 x 17.7 x 4.13 in).
  • Total weight of the work: 21.75 kg (47.95 lb.).


  • Monolingual Edition (two versions, Spanish and English).
  • Cover lined in Toile Canvas Cerise.
  • Tatami White 170 g (0.37 lb.) cover.
  • Gut paper: Tatami White 150 g (0.33 lb) + varnish.
  • French dust jacket in 125 g (0.27 lb) Imitlin Neve flat paper.
  • Size: 25 x 40 cm (9.84 x 15.75 in.)
  • 304 pp.


  • Spanish and English bilingual edition.
  • 140 pp. on the following papers: curious collection translucens spring 100 g (0.22 lb); Pergamenata Naturale 110 g (0.24 lb); Tintoreto neve 250 g (0.55 lb); Nettuno Roso Fuoco 215 g (0.47 lb); Tintoretto ceylon Wasabi 250 g (0.55 lb).
  • Cover in oak veneered MDF with Frida Kahlo’s name die-cut.
  • Pine in Toile Canvas Cerise cloth and covers in geltex 300 g (0.66 lb).
  • Sheets: 11 on Freelife Merida White paper 140 g (0.31 lb) and 23 on Arena White Smooth 120 g (0.26 lb).
  • Sizes: 40 x 40 cm (15.75 x 15.75 in).


  • Freelife Merida White 140 g (0.31 lb.) paper.
  • Folder: 40.1 x 67.8 cm (15.79 x 26.7 in.). Olive green geltex paper 115 g (0.25 lb.) counter cast with white geltex 300 g (0.66 lb.).
  • Sheet size: 35 x 52.4 cm (13.78 x 20.6 in).


The binding of the Art Book was done by hand, joining all the pages one by one and sewing them together with cotton thread. The colorful casing evokes the essence of Frida and her work.

The cover of the Art Book is a die-cut wooden cover with the artist’s name, partially revealing her face. The flyleaf is a detail from the emblematic Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1940).

Each of the 34 drawings that make up the Art Book are meticulously joined with three glue dots to show the expression of her most intimate world. The back of each sheet contains the stamp of its provenance and its numbering. 

The plate El Pájaro Nalgón (1946) is exhibited in a separate folder. It is one of Frida Kahlo’s most spectacular drawings, belonging to the period of her great adventure with José Bartolí.

The study book is presented with a French dust jacket, a fold-out poster that reveals an iconic black and white photograph of the Mexican painter. 

The Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird covers the sculpture-box, one of the most significant works of Frida’s artistic career. After this portrait is printed on canvas, it is accurately fixed to the case. 

The sculpture-case is made of wood to protect Frida’s most intimate world. For a better finish, the interior is lined by hand with a special green fabric, in harmony with the papers used in the Art Book.

A wooden die-cut, decorated with a plant motif, covers and protects the sculpture-case. Frida Kahlo’s intense gaze invites us to delve into her most creative universe, hidden within a veil of leaves.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

(1907-1954) Since she was a child, she stood out for her rebellious spirit and her will to not look like anyone else. Thus, she developed her own vision of art as a means of expression of her inner world. Like Rembrandt or Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo tells her life story through her self-portraits. In her works we discover the events that mark her biography, such as the terrible accident she suffered at the age of 18, her marriage to the muralist Diego Rivera or her sentimental disappointments.

In 1953, Frida Kahlo attended her first and only solo exhibition in Mexico. She arrived in an ambulance, convalescing from an operation, and died shortly thereafter. She could never have imagined that she would become a global phenomenon for art and feminism.

Among her works are Henry Ford Hospital (1932), Las dos Fridas (1939), Autorretrato con collar de espinas y colibrí (1940) and La columna rota (1944).

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