Paisajes (Landscapes)

Antonio López
Paisajes (Landscapes)


Antonio López paints his life in this exclusive ARTIKA edition, the author portraying the most significant scenes, paintings and people of his career while revealing his inner self through the way he captures the outside world. He evokes thoughts, experiences and emotions, sharing his story and his inspiration through the art of the people who influenced him the most. This makes Paisajes (Landscapes) both his most personal art book and his most intimate self-portrait.

Antonio López was involved in every phase of the project: he not only signed the 2,998 copies, but also handcrafted his own mock-up of this edition. He hand-picked the images from his paintings and drawings and hand-wrote his memories and reflections, in addition to donating photos from his personal archives. The result is a living work, structured in the form of a personal diary, which covers his entire creative and personal trajectory.

Paisajes (Landscapes) spans a century of art and life: it begins in 1917, with the work of his uncle, Antonio López Torres, and later shifts the focus onto his wife, María Moreno, who is also a painter. In chronological order, López depicts everything from his formative years and first paintings to some of the most outstanding moments in his artistic creation, the urban scenes that made him famous and the paintings on which he is still working.

His writings are the key that open the door into his private world, and we have the privilege of hearing from the painter first-hand in the pages of this work. No other book—until now—has managed to achieve this perfect union between the work and the artist’s voice. Printed on canvas, the front cover of the Art Book depicts the painting called Gran Vía, 1 de agosto, 7:30 horas, 2009-2015. The back cover is a close-up of the same painting.

The set includes Rosas, an exclusive giclée print in numbered edition, created exclusively for this edition. These are flowers that Antonio López painted during lockdown.

Paisajes (Landscapes) comes in an exclusively designed display case that recreates the window from which the artist captured the scene on the cover of the Art Book. A place López visited on the same day, at the same time, for years, to capture the light and the imagery of his often-painted Gran Vía. The case design, which features the name of the work and the artist in relief, offers several display options, depending on whether you want to enjoy the giclée print, the Art Book or both at the same time.

Paisajes (Landscapes)


Paisajes (Landscapes)


Process 1

Antonio López was involved in every step of creating Paisajes (Landscapes). Here we see him checking the colour proofs of the Art Book pages.

Process 2

The sheets of the Art Book are hand-sewn with high quality cotton thread to form the body of this volume.

Process 3

The cover featuring an image of one of the artist's most recognisable cityscapes is composed and then attached to the book.

Process 4

The cover is attached to the body of the volume with special glue, a painstaking process performed entirely by hand.

Process 5

Made of wood, artisan cabinetmakers cut out each of the pieces separately and then join and assemble the display case and the base.

Process 6

The artist's name ‘Antonio López’ is laser engraved individually on the base and the title Paisajes (Landscapes) is engraved on the side of the display case.

Process 7

To add a distinguished, dramatic touch, the display case and all the wooden pieces are painted in a noir grey monochrome.

Process 8

The way the glass is positioned in the display case recreates the window of the Madrid building from which the artist painted the art that graces the cover of the Art Book.

Process 9

This limited-edition print, numbered and with the stamp that guarantees the giclée printing technique, includes the artist’s signature, and is presented in a transparent frame for protection and display.

Process 10

The artist's involvement in every step of creating the work culminates with his signing all 2,998 copies one by one.

Process 11

The case design offers several display options, depending on whether you want to enjoy the giclée print, the Art Book or both at the same time.

Paisajes (Landscapes)


Art Book
Art Book
  • Bilingual edition, Spanish and English.
  • Symbol Tatami White 170g (0.38 lb.) paper.
  • Black Geltex 191 LS 180 g (0.4 lt.) black covers.
  • Cover lined in Wicotex Winter Toile Canvas TCA38051 White with magnets on the flaps. Handmade cover.
  • Size: 40.5 x 45 cm (15.95 x 17.72 in.).
  • Weight: 4.5 kg (9.92 lb.).
  • 224 pages.s
Giclée Print
Giclée Print
  • Museum quality, 100% cotton paper, Canson Arches-88 310 g / Canson BFK-RIVES Natural 310 g (0.68 lb.), with Melinex protective plastic.
  • Closed, die-cut folders: 40 x 46.7 cm (15.75 x 18.39 in.). White passe-partout conservation cardboard.
  • The giclée print comes with a certificate of authenticity and a dry stamped UM seal on A4 paper
  • Digital signature of the artist.
  • Measurements: 39.6 x 46.4 cm (15.59 x 18.27 in.).
Display case
Display case
  • MDF case painted in noir grey monochrome.
  • Name of the work and author laser engraved on the side, on the base stand.
  • Tempered 0.4 cm (0.16 in.) glass.
  • Size of the entire case: 53 x 49.5 x 9 cm (208.7 x 194.88 x 3.54 in.). Window piece dimensions: 44 x 49.5 x 9.0 cm (173.2 x 194.88 x 3.54 in.). Square base size (horizontal): 49.5 x 10.5 x 9 cm (194.88 x 41.34 x 3.54 in.). Flat stand dimensions: 57.5 x 2.5 x 18 cm (226.38 x 9.84 x 7.1 in.). The window and the case are attached by magnets.
  • Total weight: 9.2 kg (20.28 lb.).


Paisajes (Landscapes)


Antonio López

(1936) Spanish realism has its own name and surname: Antonio López, one of the most important contemporary artists in the history of our art. His artistic production includes elements of different artistic trends, such as cubism or surrealism. However, from the 60's on, he left the dream behind to develop a more objective approach to art. His compositions are an autobiography that ranges from the pictorial to the sculptural.