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Salvador Dalí

Los Ensayos de Montaigne


Year: 2005


This unique limited edition features the paintings and drawings Salvador Dalí created to illustrate the works of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne. An important figure in the 16th century, Montaigne was the first person to use the term essay to describe a series of writings consisting of reflections on the world in which he lived. 

Artika, in conjunction with the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, has published a unique masterpiece of art in which Dalí, who was enthralled by the French nobleman, selected and illustrated 21 chapters of the latter’s work, and which represent a compilation of Montaigne’s values, thoughts and philosophy. 

In this book of essays, bound in copper-coloured silk, Dalí offers his inimitable views and ideas on the texts selected, in the form of 37 paintings and drawings.

A collection of 15 prints (in Indian ink and watercolour) are presented in an elegant folder, each one numbered and featuring the seal of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation to guarantee the veracity of the reproductions. 

The work includes a Study Book that contains an in-depth examination of the works of Montaigne and Dalí, as well as exploring the creation of this new literary genre. An essential analysis, written in clear, concise language, and which helps the reader to understand artist’s illustrations, and thus to appreciate better this collector’s masterpiece. 

The volumes are presented in a copper-coloured box, specially hand-made for this edition of 3,000 numbered copies.

The production process

The originals are digitalised with the aid of technicians from the Dalí Study Centre. The stochastic screening technique ensures maximum fidelity to the originals.

The handmade box protects the work perfectly. The double hinge on the spine ensures easy access to the books.

The high-quality materials are treated with great care during the production process. To print the signature, the original must be enlarged by means of a painstaking process.

A limited edition of 3,000 copies, all notarised and with the prints and the book of Essays all duly numbered.

The colours are corrected and adjusted with the help of experts before the final printing process, to ensure optimum results.

Printed in five colours on special 300g paper, the prints are all numbered and bear the seal of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation

Technical specifications

  • Folds out on double hinge, allowing easy access to book
  • Tight clasp provides a perfect seal to protect the work
  • Lined with glossy cellulose material in bronze and black
  • Cover with cardboard inner section and padded on top
  • Embossed with the name of the author of the Essays, with Dalí’s name above in black
  • Size: 34,1 x 41,1 x 9 cm
  • Number of pages: 353
  • Modigliani Bianco paper by Fedrigoni, 145 g
  • Printed in five colours: four-colour process plus metallic bronze
  • Bound in bronze silk on padded cardboard, with round spine
  • Reproduction of Dalí’s signature embossed in black on the cover
  • 37 illustrations created by Salvador Dalí for the work
  • Silk ribbon bookmark
  • Limited edition of 3,000 copies
  • Each copy is numbered: the first 10 are numbered from I to X; the following copies from 1 to 2,990
  • The number of each volume corresponds to the number of each of the 15 plates that are included in it as an essential part of the work
  • Size: 30 x 36’7 cm
    Study Book
  • Number of pages: 64
  • Modigliani Bianco paper by Fedrigoni, 145 g
  • Printed in five colours: four-colour process plus metallic bronze
  • Bound in paperback with double flap
  • Cover made from 400 g black poster board
  • Sewn with cotton thread
  • Reproductions of the 37 illustrations with annotations
  • Reproduction of the illustrations of Michel de Montaigne and his castle
  • Life-size reproduction of the only sketch Dalí made for this work, and which is now conserved at the Teatro-Museo Dalí in Figueres
  • Photographs of Salvador Dalí
  • Size: 30’3 x 36’7 cm
    Folder for plates
  • Folder made of black poster board, 400 g
  • Screen-printed reproduction of Dalí’s signature in bronze
  • Contains 15 facsimile plates by Salvador Dalí
  • Printed in five colours
  • Paper used for the plates: Tintoretto Gesso by Fedrigoni, 300 g
  • Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation seal printed next to the numbering
  • Each collection of plates bears the same number as the book of Essays it is issued with, forming an essential part of the work
  • Size: 30’3 x 36’7 cm.