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Vincent Van Gogh

La mirada de Vincent


Year: 2015


Artika, in conjunction with the Van Gogh Museum, pays homage to the great postimpressionist painter, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his death, with an exclusive work that reveals the most private side of the artistic genius – his drawings. 

A unique edition that enables us to appreciate the Dutch painter’s style, expression and individual lines and strokes, it reproduces the complete collection of his sketchbooks that are conserved at the Van Gogh Museum, which has given its full endorsement to this limited, numbered work of 2,998 copies. 

The complete collection of the sketchbooks is made up of four artist’s notebooks, which include drafts made by the artist during his life as a painter, and another three, from an earlier stage, which have a mainly didactic purpose.

In addition, the work includes 17 plates from loose pages taken from sketchbooks that did not survive intact, in which the main focus is the colours the artist used for his scenes and landscapes of Paris and Amberes. 

The sketchbooks and the plates are presented in a case that has been specially created for this edition, and which features on its front cover a reproduction of a detail from his famous painting Sunflowers. La mirada de Vincent also includes a Study Book, in which leading specialists offer studies and analyses of the artist’s life and work which shed valuable light on one of the best-known and most-admired painters in the history of modern art. 

All the different elements in the work can be shown off in a display unit, which offers the user an infinite range of possibilities for displaying and enjoying the sketchbooks, the plates and the Study Book.

The production process

When printing the sketchbooks, different reprographics processes have been used to achieve the best possible results, and with the colours perfectly calibrated.

The sketchbooks have been bound and sewn by hand, to recreate all the details of the originals, including the embossing of the pages.

Cardboard covers with spines of fabric, linen and leather – these are just some of the materials selected in order to reproduce the sketchbooks faithfully.

The 17 plates reproduced in facsimile have been embossed to resemble the originals and are fixed to a support using three drops of glue.

The cover of the Study Book, which is lined with dyed fabric, features a screen-printed reproduction of one of the early sketches for the paintingSunflowers.

The Study Book, owing to its size, has been sewn by hand using cotton thread and with the help of an old wood support.

The case features a detail from Sunflowers, which is printed on white fabric and highlights the intensity and tonality of the original painting.

The case is comprised of two trays, designed to protect the sketchbooks, and a separate compartment for the plates and the official certification document.

The solid beech wood display unit includes a display frame with a methacrylate cover and a lectern, which is the base on which the frame stands.

The display frame has been designed in such a way that it can stand on the lectern, on a flat surface or hung on the wall.

The display frame features nylon threads that can be used to hold the sketchbooks and to display them open without damaging them.

The lectern has been adapted with a space for holding the sketchbook case and for displaying the Study Book, either open or closed.

Technical specifications

    Display unit
  • Made from solid beech wood comprising two separable pieces: a display frame and a lectern
  • Sliding cover on the frame
  • Lectern measurements: 31.6 x 39.2 x 49.5 cm
  • Display frame measurements: 50 x 8.3 x 56.2 cm
  • Display unit measurements: 47.4 x 47.7 x 56.2 cm
  • Weight of display unit without content pieces: 7.5 kg
    Sketchbook case
  • Bound in Natuurlinnen 1010 fabric
  • Measurements: 48,9 x 24 cm
  • Nuenen Sketchbook, 1884-1885
  • Leather cover with closure flap and interior pocket
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 9, 95 g
  • Amberes Sketchbook, 1885-1886
  • Black card cover with file-type spine
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 9, 95 g
  • Paris Sketchbook, 1886
  • Linen cover with elastic band
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 9, 95 g
  • Auvers Sketchbook, 1890
  • Linen cover with elastic band and interior pocket
  • Paper: Antalis Print Speed 70 g
    Betsy Tersteeg Sketchbooks
  • Sketchbook I
  • Cover: soft cardboard cover
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 9, 140 g
  • Body: Antalis Print Speed 70 g
  • Sketchbook II
  • No cover
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 9, 95 g
  • Envelope: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso, 140 g
  • Sketchbook III
  • Cover: soft cardboard cover
  • Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 9, 140 g
  • Body: Antalis Print Speed 70 g
    Study book
  • Five-ink printing
  • Bound in Natuurlinnen 4044 fabric
  • Number of pages: 196
  • Measurements: 48.3 x 30.4 cm
  • 17 plates, facsimile reproduction, embossed like the originals
  • Paper: Tintoretto Gesso, 95 g
  • Support: Tintoretto Gesso, 140 g