El Mar de Sorolla

El Mar de Sorolla

Joaquín Sorolla
El Mar de Sorolla


In conjunction with ARTIKA, the Sorolla Museum Foundation has published this unique, exclusive work to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the grand master of light, and which is based on the main theme in his painting – his great passion, the sea. 

The drawings are the main focus of El Mar de Sorolla (Sorolla’s Sea), and specifically the facsimile reproductions of 69 of the artist’s original drawings, produced in pencil, graphite, charcoal and chalk, and selected by the museum’s technical director, who chose them for their subject matter – the sea - and their great artistic value. They are presented in the Book of Art, a volume bound in cotton cloth and with an enlarged detail of the painting El balandrito (The Little Yacht) screenprinted on the cover. 

In addition, the work includes the Study Book, a unique work that helps the reader to explore and understand the 69 drawings, their technique, meaning and context, as explained by some of the leading experts on the work of the Valencian painter, and which include the Director of the Museo Sorolla and the great grand-daughter of the artist. 

And to top it all off, there is an Art Folder containing a reproduction of two drawings by the master artist: Pescadoras Barcelonesas(Barcelona fisherwomen) and Barca en la Playa (Boat on the Beach. These can be displayed, together with the books, in the eye-catching transparent case and display unit of this unique, limited, numbered and exclusive work.

El Mar de Sorolla


El Mar de Sorolla


El Mar de Sorolla - Process 1

For optimum printing results, first of all, the colour density values are measured.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 2

The drawings are compared with the colour proofs, and if they do not fulfil requirements, they are discarded.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 3

After checking that they coincide with the original, each drawing is individually laser-printed.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 4

The drawings are fixed onto the pages with three drops of special glue.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 5

Owing to its size, the body of the book is hand-sewn with cotton thread.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 6

A cotton cloth featuring a reproduction of the canvas is used as the base for the six-colour printing of the book cover.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 7

Each piece of printed cloth is cut to the size of the book to be bound.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 8

The book is hand-bound using laminated cardboard, a layer of foam and the printed cloth.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 9

The 2.5-cm-thick methacrylate has 98% transparency.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 10

The artist’s signature is engraved on the front sheet, which stands out against the blue background of the cover.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 11

The iron joining the two methacrylate sheets is subjected to an oxidisation process.

El Mar de Sorolla - Process 12

To ensure transparency, the sheets are joined with glue. The removable side section is held in place by magnets.

El Mar de Sorolla


El Mar de Sorolla - Technical specifications - Estuche
  • - Two methacrylate plates joined by an iron sheet, and painted and oxidised to evoke the ocean
  • - Thickness of plates: 2.5 cm
  • - Weight of box when empty: 15.5 kg
  • - Size: 41 x 53 x 12.5 cm
El Mar de Sorolla - Technical specifications - Libro de Arte
Art Book
  • - Printed in five colours, lavishly bound, and hand-sewn with cotton thread
  • - Cover lined with cotton cloth, printed in six colours
  • - Number of pages: 182
  • - 69 facsimiles of drawings, die-cut and affixed in the book with three drops of glue, plus five fold-out triptychs
  • - Size: 35.3 x 45.8 cm
El Mar de Sorolla - Technical specifications - Libros de estudio
Libros de estudio
  • - Printed in four colours, bound in paperback and sewn using double poster board, 350 g
  • - Printed lining on the cover in four colours, with plastic-coated protector
  • - Number of pages: 168
  • - Size: 35.3 x 45.8 cm
El Mar de Sorolla - Technical specifications - Carpeta de arte
Art Folder
  • - 2 art plates printed in five colours with two protective diptychs
  • - Size: 35,3 x 45,8 cm
El Mar de Sorolla


Joaquín Sorolla

(1863-1923) A lover of outdoor painting, light and the colours of the Mediterranean, Sorolla represents the zenith of Spanish Luminism. His fame soon travelled beyond his own country to spread through Europe and the United States, where he held several exhibitions. Sorolla is known for painting in an impressionistic style, including both sea scenes and landscapes. Nature was his workshop and his inspiration. He also became the most sought-after portraitist of his time, producing portraits of members of the Royal family and figures from the world of politics, the arts, and economics.