Things you can only see in Jaume Plensa 61

Why are ARTIKA’s editions exceptional? Each book is a masterpiece, handmade and featuring previously unpublished material of exceptional artistic value. When you purchase a work like Jaume Plensa 61, you get the privilege of learning first-hand about the creative process of a unique artist.


An exclusive experience

Our books represent an unprecedented artistic endeavour through personalised, limited-edition works, the product of extensive research and collaboration with great artists.


Detail book of studies by Jaume Plensa 61


Each work offers exclusive material and reveals unpublished insights into the art world. A copy of Jaume Plensa 61 opens a door to the artist’s studio, where you can step inside and learn how his projects are created and discover his creative philosophy.

This more private dimension is only accessible to those who share the experience: nowhere else will you find the notes, the sketches, the photographs from Jaume Plensa’s personal archive and his always inspiring reflections. They only exist in each of the 2998 copies of this edition.


Elaboration process of Jaume Plensa 61


An original sculpture

The handcrafted process used to produce each copy includes the case design. For Jaume Plensa 61, the case is an original sculpture by the artist, serialised for this edition.


Jaume Plensa with the case-sculpture of Jaume Plensa 61


The piece is unique in that it shows an iconic image from Jaume Plensa’s oeuvre: the head of a girl with her eyes closed. The case makes it possible to enjoy a Plensa sculpture in your own home.

It is a piece that shares both author and subject matter with the monumental sculptures on display the world over, from New York and Daejeon, South Korea to Rio de Janeiro and Liverpool.


When you purchase a work of art like Jaume Plensa 61 you enter a unique space: the most exclusive pages in the history of art are written in ARTIKA.


    • Jaume Plensa 61 is a limited edition of 2,998 numbered copies, all signed by the artist.


  • It offers an exclusive journey through the artist’s private world: from his sketchbooks to his reflections.
    • The case is a sculpture designed exclusively by Jaume Plensa.


    Jaume Plensa

    Jaume Plensa 61

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