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ARTIKA launches a new artist’s book, Cuerpos y flores by Antonio López

ARTIKA launches a new artist’s book, Cuerpos y flores by Antonio López

On 19th September, Artika launched its latest work, Cuerpos y flores by Antonio López. The first and only artist’s book on the painter from La Mancha, it includes his most representative paintings and sculptures, from his earliest days to the present.

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum of Madrid hosted the event, which was presented by the artist himself and Juan Ribalta, the CEO of ARTIKA. They both spoke about the particular features of this limited edition, each copy of which has been numbered and individually signed by the artist. 

During the event, Antonio López noted that the works included in the book all pertain to the subjects of the human body and the world of flowers, going on to say that the relation between these two subjects emerged in order to “connect those two worlds, so fragile and so fleeting”. He also revealed that “I had become accustomed to looking at artistic reproductions in smaller, unpretentious volumes, and I gradually discovered art through books”, as a result of which this project is, for him, “truly amazing”. The painter has played an active part in the production of the volume, involving himself down to the tiniest details, because he wanted it to be “well made”, given that “in my painting, I never spare any efforts whatsoever.” 

Cuerpos y flores, in addition to the artist’s book, includes a giclée plate of his work Rosas de Ávila, which was personally selected by Antonio López and offers the unique feature that it can be displayed as an independent item.

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