La Biblia

La Biblia

La Biblia


A homage to the engravers’ engraver and to the book of books. A unique edition of The Bible featuring engravings by Rembrandt, considered to be the engraver who succeeded in bringing the light out of shadows. 

ARTIKA, publishing in conjunction with the Rijks Museum and the Rembrandthuis (both in Amsterdam) and the Teylers Museum (in Haarlem), have produced a voluminous tome of almost 1,000 pages, with wooden covers bound in silk containing facsimile reproductions of prints the painter made during the course of his life that were inspired by The Bible

65 prints are arranged throughout the volume, while another nine are available in a beautiful folder, suitably bound in black silk.

All the prints are numbered and bear the seal of the museum that houses the original. 

The work includes a marvellous Study Book that has texts and images by experts in each field which present and explain the Dutch artist’s graphic work and the holy texts of The Bible

The impressive box that contains this masterpiece is made from black lacquered wood. A work of precision and solidity that includes an enlarged reproduction of the great Dutch master’s signature on its cover. 

A limited edition of 998 numbered copies.

La Biblia


La Biblia


La Biblia - Process 1

The first test prints are carried out, to adjust and calibrate the machines.

La Biblia - Process 2

The printed proofs are checked thoroughly, paying maximum attention to all the details of the colouring.

La Biblia - Process 3

Once the originals have been digitalised, the technicians correct the proofs, supervised by experts from the Rembrandthuis Museum.

La Biblia - Process 4

Owing to its format, the body of the book is sewn using a semi-manual machine to ensure perfect results.

La Biblia - Process 5

The prints, which are stuck by hand using three drops of glue, bear the logo of the museum the original is from, as well as the number of that particular copy.

La Biblia - Process 6

Binding is carried out by hand using antique instruments that are still perfectly serviceable, despite the passing of the years.

La Biblia - Process 7

The bevelling of the covers of the Bible is carried out by hand by skilled cabinetmakers using traditional tools.

La Biblia - Process 8

Rembrandt’s signature is enlarged and printed on one of the bronze plates, and is also embossed on the cover of the Bible.

La Biblia - Process 9

Each volume is hand pressed twice, so as to compact the pages and to secure the robust binding that protects the contents.

La Biblia - Process 10

A self-portrait of the artist has been engraved onto the inside covers. Thanks to its strong hinges, the book can be opened fully to 180 degrees.

La Biblia - Process 11

The box contains the books and the prints folder. The title of the book and Rembrandt’s signature are engraved on the box’s exterior.

La Biblia


La Biblia - Technical specifications - Estuche
  • - Box completely hand-made, made from wood in black lacquer
  • - Printed in two colours
  • - Box contains two inserts that hold the two books
  • - Inner protection ensures that the two volumes are perfectly secured
  • - Includes a magnifying glass to allow the reader to enjoy all the tiniest details
  • - Size: 64.5 x 54.5 cm
  • - Total weight of the piece: 26.5 kg
La Biblia - Technical specifications - La Biblia
The Bible
  • - Number of pages: 944
  • - Old Mill Avorio cotton paper (130 g) for the Bible texts, and Old Mill Bianco (100 g) for the 65 plates glued into the book
  • - Cover embossed in gold
  • - Sewn and bound by hand
  • - Two black silk ribbon bookmarks
  • - Texts printed in black, grey and gold
  • - Prints in three colours
  • - Hand-bound: cover made from wood 6 mm thick (with hand-curved bevelling on the sides) and lined in silk
  • - Size: 30 x 39 cm
  • - Book weight: 11 kg
La Biblia - Technical specifications - Carpeta
  • - Cardboard lined with black silk and with a hand-glued engraving
  • - Closed with two silk tape ties
  • - Interior lined with black Geltex
  • - Lateral protection flaps
  • - Contains nine large format prints, printed in three colours on Old Mill Bianco paper, 250 g
  • - Size: 60 x 50 cm
La Biblia - Technical specifications - Libro de Estudios
Study Book
  • - Number of pages: 248
  • - Semi-matt coated paper, 150 g
  • - Printed in four colours
  • - Hardback cover with round spine
  • - Cover lined in black silk with hand-glued reproduction of an engraving
  • - Size: 22 x 30 cm
La Biblia



(1606-1669) One of the great names of art history, the legendary maestro of the baroque age. The Dutch painter and engraver gained success and renown as a young man, and he became a teacher to other artists. Among his greatest achievements were his illustrations of scenes from the Bible using the engraving technique, with which he managed to bring light out of shadows. Rembrandt’s most masterly, well-known works are his group portraits, which eschewed the conventional approach of perfect characterisation. He was also noted for his great compositional skills.