Homenaje a Gaudí

Homenaje a Gaudí

Joan Miró
Homenaje a Gaudí


The essence of architecture, painting and literature are brought together in this artistic masterpiece. The colourful richness of Miró’s style, with its black strokes and combinations of different tones, evokes Gaudí’s ceramic mosaics. A fusion, a journey that transports us to a polychrome world of vitality and unparalleled beauty. 

ARTIKA, in conjunction with Barcelona’s Miró Foundation and the Pilar & Joan Miró Foundation in Palma, are publishing this limited edition of 998 numbered copies, which represents a compilation of the complete set of 21 engravings Joan Miró produced in homage to the great genius Antoni Gaudí. 

The specially-designed wooden box (reminiscent of the packaging used by museums for shipping valuable artworks) contains the Art Book, which has been bound in the form of a large sketching folder, and includes reproductions of the 21 engravings.

The black pages highlight the handwritten texts in broken white lettering, specially produced for this work by the academic Pere Gimferrer, who worked with his friend Joan Miró many years ago. 

Study Book explains and explores the prints and the texts to enable the reader to enjoy them even more. Written by leading specialists on the subject, the volume highlights the close links between three exceptional artists and the meaning of their creations. 

This is a masterpiece that conjures up Gaudí’s world through works produced by Joan Miró that sprang from the most private, personal and exclusive side of his persona

Homenaje a Gaudí


Homenaje a Gaudí


Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 1

To ensure optimum results, the printing colours are adjusted to match the originals. Five colours and two screening techniques are used: the conventional one and stochastic screening.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 2

An expert die-cutter carefully laser-cuts the prints, following the outline of the originals but taking care not to leave any burnt remains.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 3

The texts are transferred onto a silkscreen, which is then inked and the result is printed in white onto black card.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 4

The pages are folded to form the body of the book. Owing to its large size, each copy of the book is hand-sewn by the bookbinder.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 5

After the Art Book has been sewn, the prints are stuck on by hand using three drops of glue. Each image is placed alongside its respective text.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 6

The covers are made from cardboard and black cloth, and with the title and the authors’ names heat-printed on the front cover.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 7

After the books have been thoroughly checked, they are numbered and the total number of single, unique copies is notarised.

Homenaje a Gaudí - Proceso de producción - Paso 8

The work is packaged by hand after the wood has dried out, to avoid distortion of the structure. Finally, magnets are fitted to ensure that the box lid is kept securely shut.

Homenaje a Gaudí


Homenaje a Gaudí - Technical specifications - Estuche de madera
Wooden box

Pinewood box, previously heat-treated to prevent deformation

  • - Magnets inside the box ensure that the top remains securely closed
  • - Title of the work and artist’s name screen-printed on the top of the box
  • - Size: 56 x 76 x 8 cm
  • - Total weight of piece: 18.5 kg
Homenaje a Gaudí - Technical specifications - Libro de Arte
Art Book

Text screen-printed on black poster board, and hand sewn with cotton thread

  • - 4 mm cardboard cover with corner fittings and spine reinforced with black cloth
  • - Number of pages: 96, with 21 facsimiles of drawings, die-cut and secured in the book with three drops of glue
  • - Format: 50 x 70 cm
Homenaje a Gaudí - Technical specifications - Libro de Estudios
Study Book

Printed in four colours on two types of paper

  • - Bound in hardback lined with black cloth with round spine
  • - Number of pages: 296
  • - Size: 27 x 37.5 cm
Homenaje a Gaudí


Joan Miró

(1893-1983) A Spanish painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramicist, Miró is one of the great names of surrealism, though his work manages to eschew academicism or adhering to any specific artistic style. An artist deeply rooted in his homeland, but with great international influence, and who has held exhibitions in New York and Paris. After he moved to the French capital, his work became increasingly imaginative and dreamlike, as he abandoned the more conventional methods of painting. His interest in everyday objects and the natural environment became the background for some of his technical and formal investigations. This way, he created a unique, personal language, and became one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.