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Joaquín Sabina



Year: 2016



After the stage lights have gone out and the final note has faded into silence, Joaquín Sabina returns to the most private area of his life – he takes refuge in his notebooks and his marker pens, with which he has produced hundreds of drawings in bright, vibrant colours, forging a creative universe that is full of princesses, legends, muses, and many other things. 

Artika invites you to discover this creative universe, conceived by one of our leading contemporary artists; in an edition, furthermore, that is exclusive, inimitable, signed by the artist and limited to 4,998 copies. 

THE WORK is comprised of an Art Book, the book Garagatos and a pull-out section measuring almost 3 metres in length. Joaquín Sabina has been closely involved in every step of the production of this edition, and he has even signed all the copies personally, one by one, in pencil. 

But before we venture into Sabina’s world, we have to open our eyes to his way of seeing, observing and portraying reality; we have to discover the most private side of the artist. Thus it is no coincidence that the box cover for this work includes a fragment of the door of the artist’s bedroom. 

The Art Book contains 66 facsimile drawings, selected by the artist from his personal collection of notebooks. They are presented in the form of different-sized plates, and printed in five colours – including the silver ink that is such a favourite of the artist, and which he uses in almost all his drawings. 

Each plate is accompanied by a short text that features calligraphy by the artist himself, as well as poetry, fragments of songs or simply humorous comments on each drawing, all of which brings us closer to Joaquín Sabina and his world. 

The volume is divided into five chapters, four of which make reference to songs recorded by Sabina: “No permita la Virgen de la Amargura”, “Pongamos que hablo de…”, “Princesas” and “Enemigos íntimos”. They take us on a journey through some of his perennial themes: the religious imaginary, Sabina’s myths and legends, the thousand faces of his nights, his princesses, eroticism, etc. The fifth chapter, “Fotomatón”, contains a pull-out section featuring 74 of the artist’s portraits. They represent the 1,000 faces (not to mention the 2,000 corners) that inhabit the singer-songwriter’s nights. 

The book Garagatos takes the reader on a journey guided by a group of first-class writers, all of whom have an in-depth knowledge of Sabina’s life and work. They include the poet and professor of Spanish literature Luis García Montero, the writer and poet Felipe Benítez Reyes, the journalist Miguel Ángel Aguilar, Benjamín Prado, writer and poet, Javier Rioyo, journalist, writer and scriptwriter, and the journalist and writer Nativel Preciado. And last but not least, Guillermo Solana, Artistic Director at the Museo Thyssen, explores the characters, influences, archetypes and clichés that appear in the artist’s drawings. 

To both his faithful followers and those discovering him for the first time, Sabina sends this message: “In my drawings you will find a little bit of laughter, a little irony, a little eroticism, and nearly all the subjects that interest me most”, in addition to a selection of his stories, secrets and anecdotes, and a wide variety of photographs that illustrate the singer-songwriter’s life and career.

The production process

For optimum results, the 66 plates and the pull-out section are printed in five colours, including the silver ink which predominates in many of the drawings.

During the printing process, each plate is checked by specialists, who compare it with the original image and reject any plates that do not meet the desired requirements of colour and tone.

The Art Book has been hand-sewn using high-quality cotton thread and an original wooden frame. The black rubber spine is glued on to achieve the perfect finish.

The red vinyl cover is joined to the pages with colourful inside covers that feature drawings by the artist. On the front cover, the title and the author’s signature are printed using silk-screening.

The plates, in their different sizes, are manually secured onto the book’s pages with three drops of special glue, to ensure both the reader’s enjoyment and the optimum preservation of the drawings.

The magnificent pull-out section is comprised of 10 pages with a total of 74 drawings. Measuring almost 3 metres in length, it has an easy-to-use removable flap that allows the reader to enjoy the pull-out section either in the book or separately, on its own.

Each plate has been numbered and certified on the back; this includes the artist’s seal, attesting to the quality of THE WORK produced.

Joaquín Sabina, the author, has signed – individually and in pencil – all the copies included in THE WORK, which have also been numbered by hand.

Each section and piece of the box has been carefully and individually produced by an expert cabinetmaker. After they have been cut and polished, the pieces are joined together to form the box that will contain THE WORK.

The wooden box is given a white gloss lacquer finish, both inside and on the exterior, to give it a unique look reminiscent of the door of the artist’s bedroom at his home.

On the front of the box the signature is screen-printed in black, with the title in red. The three paintings by Joaquín Sabina on the door are printed in four colours onto wooden slats, after which they are fixed onto the box.

The base and the lid are held together by magnets. A lateral trim in the form of a hinge gives the final touch to the box, as well as giving a touch of realism to the front door of this unique work.

Technical specifications

  • Box comprised of a base and top made from gloss lacquered wood (both inside and on the exterior), with the two parts joined by four magnets, and with a lateral trim in the form of a hinge to enhance the realistic effect of the reproduction of the door
  • Digitally printed in 4 colours, and in 2 colours for the silkscreen printing
  • Size: 34.9 x 42.2 x 10.1 cm
  • Box weight when empty: 5.7 kg
    Art Book
  • Size: 28 × 37.8 cm
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Printed using 4/4 inking system
  • Interior in 200g Tatami White paper
  • Inside covers printed using 4/0 inking system
  • Covers lined with single-colour red vinyl PVC, spine in black rubber
  • Binding: sewn with cotton thread
  • 66 numbered plates printed using 5/1 inking system, secured with three drops of glue
  • Paper used for plates: 120g Natural Evolution White
  • Numbered and signed by the artist
    Pull-out section
  • Pull-out size: 286 x 34.8 cm (open), 26 x 34.8 cm (closed)
  • Numbered pull-out section printed using 5/1 inking system
  • 74 portraits produced by the artist
    Garagatos book
  • Formato: 29,5 x 38,8 cm y lomo de 2 cm
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Printed using 4/4 inking system
  • Paper: 170g Tatami White
  • Cover: 350 g cardboard printed in 1 colour
  • Dust jacket: 240g card, laminated in mirror-effect silver and printed in 1 colour
  • Binding: hardback sewn without flaps, and with dust jacket