Botero’s women

Fernando Botero
Botero’s women


In the privacy of his studio in Montecarlo, the art of Fernando Botero comes into being; a unique, unmistakable style that has turned the Colombian maestro into the quintessential painter and sculptor of volume, as well as one of the most highly-regarded contemporary artists in the international art world.

ARTIKA pays tribute to him with Botero’s Women, an artist’s book devoted to one of his most recurring themes: the female form. A single, numbered, limited edition of 2,998 copies, created in collaboration with Botero.

The work is presented in a case-sculpture, designed with a slight relief effect in honour of the artist’s characteristic style, and which reproduces a detail from the painting Head (2006). The two volumes contained inside, when they are placed side by side, show the same image.

The Art Book, which contains 45 plates featuring drawings of many different female figures, evocative, suggestive, sensual and expressive, and accompanied by extracts from short stories by Botero. Meanwhile the Study Book, which explores in depth the work of the maestro and encompasses the scope of this world famous painter, was written by the Professor of Art History Lourdes Cirlot.

Botero’s women


Botero’s women


Process 1

Two types of paper have been used for printing the drawings: watercolour paper and a handmade paper which reproduces the characteristics of the amate paper used by the artist.

Process 2

The 45 plates have been stuck into the book using three drops of glue. On the back of each plate there is the plate number and the artist’s seal.

Process 3

The drawings in this edition are highly faithful to the originals, mainly in the techniques Botero uses such as watercolour and pencil.

Process 4

The pages of both the Art Book and the Study Book have been bound together using traditional methods, hand-sewn using cotton thread.

Process 5

Both books have been bound by hand with covers printed on canvas cloth.

Process 6

The covers of the Art Book are comprised of magnetised book flap closures, which give this volume an immaculate finish. 

Process 7

Bound at the same time, when they are placed together, the two volumes of Botero’s women form a detail of the image from the painting Head (2006).

Process 8

The case-sculpture, made from polyurethane (a type of high-density resin) is made using an aluminium mould.

Process 9

Once the piece has been removed from the mould, the craftsman corrects any possible defects and imperfections by means of grinding and sealing.

Process 10

The two parts of the case are painted first in white lacquer and then in green, except for the face, thus imitating the colour of the canvas painted by Botero in 2006.

Process 11

After that, colour is applied to the face using digital printing. Two prints are carried out in order to highlight the colour and add details.

Process 12

Finally, the signature “Botero” is screenprinted by hand in white ink. In addition, the Notarial Certificate, which is included in the Art Book, is numbered by hand.

Botero’s women


Las mujeres de Botero - Technical specifications - Estuche-escultura
  • Two sections produced using high-density polyurethane, with a relief effect and a glossy, textured green lacquer finish. The case is held shut by neodymium magnets.
  • Front section printed digitally, and using UV drying.
  • Size: 23.89 x 18.42 x 4.13 in
  • Weight: 16.75 lb
Las mujeres de Botero - Technical specifications - Libro de Arte
Art book
  • Cover in Natur & Halflinnen natural fabric, lined over white paperboard 0,11 in thick, with side flaps and magnet. Printed in 4 inks with two layers of varnish.
  • Paper inside: Tintoretto Gesso, 0,44 lb; paper for the plates: Fedrigoni 0,30 lb, Freelife Merida White: 34 plates + handmade paper 0,28 lb: 11 plates. Plates printed in 4 inks.
  • A total of 112 pages. + 1 red page
  • Size: 12,75 x 15,74 in
  • Weight: 5.31 lb
Las mujeres de Botero - Technical specifications - Libro de estudios
Study Book
  • Cover in Natur & Halflinnen natural fabric, lined over white paperboard 2.5 mm thick. Printed in 4 inks with two layers of varnish.
  • Paper inside volume: Tatami White, 0,33 lb (208 pages) and Tatami Ivory, 0,33 lb (80 pages).
  • A total of 288 pages with 45 drawings and 103 images.
  • Size: 8.22 x 15.74 in 
  • Weight: 5.07 lb
Botero’s women



(1932) From a young age, he manifested a high interest in art that grew until it became his greatest passion. The artistic creations of Fernando Botero carry with them an irreverent interpretation of the figurative trend, called "boterismo", where the volume becomes the absolute protagonist of his creations. Nowadays, his unique style has made him one of the most admired and recognized contemporary artists of the international artistic field.