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Lita Cabellut


Blood Wedding has united art and literature from two timeless geniuses: Federico García Lorca and Lita Cabellut, who reinterprets the tragic play by portraying not only the characters, but also their souls. The result is a collection of 90 works of art: 49 Faces and 41 Traces, created especially for this edition.

A bilingual artist’s book in Spanish and English, numbered and limited to 1,998 copies (1,898 in Arabic numerals and 100 in Roman numerals), all signed by the artist.

The Art Book presents the full text of Lorca's original tragedy and a selection of 31 plates created by the artist, all accompanied by quotes from the play.

Blood Wedding includes the drawing Amor (Love), suitable for display. The 100 copies of this print with roman numbering are retouchée à la main, 100 unique pieces retouched by Lita Cabellut.

The Study Book takes us on a journey through Cabellut's artistic career. Antoni Vila Casas, Robert C. Morgan, Francisco Capio Olmos and Luis García Moreno, ultimately arriving to focus on the 90 Faces and Traces from the Blood Wedding series.

The Face and the Trace of La luna (The Moon) make up the case. A singular composition comprised of two bodies that between them house the Art Book, and which in and of themselves constitute an exceptional work of art.





Process 1

The pages of both the Art Book and the Study Book are sewn by hand with cotton thread.

Process 2

The covers of the Art Book are lined with red Regina fabric in a careful handmade process.

Process 3

The binding of both books is made by hand by attaching the covers to the book block with special glue.

Process 4

The 31 sheets are glued to the Art Book with three points of glue.

Process 5

The quality of the plates makes it possible to appreciate how faithful they are to the originals and the different techniques used by Lita Cabellut in her creation.

Process 6

The case is made up of two metal components. The cover is a piece of aluminum paneling imprinted with different textures.

Process 7

The back cover of the case has been handmade from the paint rollers that Lita Cabellut uses in her work.

Process 7

Blood Wedding is a limited edition of 1,998 hand-numbered copies signed by the artist.



Blood wedding Lita Cabellut ARTIKA
  • Two metal bodies with black textured epoxy finish.
  • Joined by 4 neodymium magnets integrated into the interior of each body.
  • Outer cover with piece of white aluminum paneling and textured imprints.
  • Back cover made up of foam rollers anchored and printed via different processes.
  • The top and bottom interior perimeters are framed in black PVC foam. 
  • Designed so that the book can be removed and the pieces of the case mounted on the wall.
  • Dimensions: 28.14 x 20.70 x 5.66 in.
  • Weight: 27.88 Ib.
Blood wedding Lita Cabellut ARTIKA
Art Book
  • Cover lined in Regina 9004 fabric with embossed title.
  • 0.70 Ib white Wibalin endpaper printed with 4-ink printing.
  • Interior in 0.44 Ib Tintoretto Gesso, printed with 1-ink printing plus Pantone 1795 U.
  • 31 sheets in Conqueror Antique Diamond, embossed, 0.35 Ib Superwhite by Antalis. Printed with 4-ink printing. Die-cut and digitally numbered.
  • Bilingual edition, in Spanish and English.
  • 120 pages in total.
  • Dimensions: 18.66 x 26.29 in.
  • Weight: 15.32 lb.
Blood wedding Lita Cabellut ARTIKA
Study Book
  • Cover made of 0.77 lb graphic cardboard, two-tone (cardboard pasted to the front and back).
  • Interior paper in 0.33 Ib White Tatami. Printed with 4-ink printing and varnish.
  • 9 sewn stacks of quarter folds and trifolds.
  • Bilingual edition, in Spanish and English.
  • 330 pages in total.
  • Dimensions: 11.14 x 14.96 in.
  • Weight: 6.61 lb.
Blood wedding Lita Cabellut ARTIKA
Love (Amor) print
  • Printed in embossed Diamond White, Superwhite by Antalis, 0.35 lb with 4-ink printing.
  • Dimensions: 15.98 x 23.62 in.


Lita Cabellut

(1961) Considered to be one of the world’s most acclaimed and valued contemporary Spanish artists. Since the very beginning, her work has been influenced by the great Dutch masters, namely Rembrandt, but also by Velázquez, Goya and Bacon.

Defined as the portraitist of souls, Cabellut is a creative genius, a multidisciplinary artist who works with various artistic supports and expresses herself through a wide range of disciplines such as sculpture, photography, poetry, visual poems, theatrical staging and videos.

Her art is defined by her portraits and her craquelure techniques, which exudes violence and cruelty, energy and beauty, passion and desire. Art in constant evolution, which, with her innovative Face/Trace compositions, she unveils the characters and their souls, a personal style in which the rollers used to create her graphic work are true protagonists.