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Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa 61

Single, limited, numbered edition of 2,998 copies, each signed by the author.

Year: 2019



Jaume Plensa considers his studio to be a sacred place, the place where everything is possible, an extension of his mind. A space where things converge and which, thanks to an intrinsically personal creative process, brings into being the artistic beauty and material poetry with which one of the internationally best-known Spanish artists manages to imbue every one of his works.

ARTIKA invites us to discover the starting point for all his creations, the place where his ideas are conceived, and which bears witness to his extraordinary work, through an artist’s book that has been created in collaboration with Jaume Plensa. A numbered, limited edition of 2,998 copies, each one signed by the artist.

Jaume Plensa 61 takes us on a journey, both visual and emotional, through the artist’s creative process – from the initial idea to its completion and the moment it is finally exhibited; a journey that takes the form of three elements: an Art Book, a Study Book and a case-sculpture for containing the two volumes.

The Art Book takes us – using striking images from Plensa’s personal archives and several of his observations – to the source of his creations, with the aim of discovering and unpicking the space in which his ideas are created and then made into reality. Jaume Plensa is not based on his finished work, but on the process, in which his studio takes on an enormous importance. In this book, the viewer will discover the process the artist uses for his works, from the very beginning until they are placed on display, as well as showing the wide variety of materials with which the artist works. A Spanish/English bilingual edition.  

Jaume Plensa’s art is a receptacle of memory, an echo, a mirror that reflects his emotions, feelings and thoughts. His innermost side, which is displayed in the volume Sketches and notes. This Study Book takes us on a journey that explains how the artist views the world, through sketches, drawings, lists, word sequences, poems and abstract ideas that have now been brought to light in a notebook filled with little details that are extremely valuable and crucial for the perfect, final execution of his works.  

The previously unpublished contents of this book represent the origin of the works that we later see in the Art Book, where all the plans and designs that he has dreamed up are displayed. Thus the book reveals a dichotomy between two sides of Plensa that are mutually complementary: his more logical, architectural side, and the more poetic, visionary and idealistic side of the artist.

The case-sculpture is an original, serialised work by Jaume Plensa, which the artist has created especially for this edition. It features the face of a girl with her eyes closed, a recurring image in the artist’s work, and which emphasises the importance of the world of dreams, and our connection with our inner beauty and ourselves. The dialogue that is produced between the girl and the spectator, by not focusing on the exterior world, encourages withdrawal, silence and reflection.

In the words of the artist himself, Jaume Plensa 61 is “a portrait of the creative will. It’s a great book because, even though you don’t see any works, just photos of a few of them, it’s got something like the trace – like shadows – of what is indispensable for creating. Artists – at least in my case – are not based on the finished work, but on the process”.

The production process

The folios of both the Art Book and the Study Book are hand sewn using high-quality cotton thread.

Both books are bound by hand, and a special type of glue is used to secure the covers to the body of the book.

The front cover of the Art Book is transparently tooled and indented, and in matt silver on the spine.

The cover of the Study Book, Sketches and notes, is printed in 4 inks and tooled in matt silver on the spine.

The case-sculpture is made from moulded rigid polyurethane with a matt-black mineral charge finish.

Each case is painstakingly polished by hand to ensure that there are no flaws left on the sculpture.  

The base, which features a special typography created by the artist, is a piece of white Jesmonite that has been made by hand using a mould.

Jaume Plensa 61 is a limited edition of 2,998 copies, from 1 to 2,948 (Arabic numerals) and from I to L (Roman numerals), all numbered by hand.

Technical specifications

    Art Book
  • Cover lined with Convon Senzo White CSE 4407 material, featuring transparent stamping on the cover and in matt silver on the spine.
  • Printing in 4/4 inks plus selective lacquer.
  • Flyleaves in Nettuno Bianco paper (215 g), and inside pages in Tatami White (170 g). Hand sewn folios with cotton thread.
  • Numbered by hand by a calligrapher.
  • Spanish/English bilingual edition.
  • 224 pp. in total.
  • Size: 42.5 × 30.8 cm (horizontal format).
    Study Book
  • Cover in gloss coated paper (135 g) printed in 4 inks plus matt lamination and stamping in matt silver on the spine.
  • Printed in 4/4 inks plus selective lacquer.
  • Flyleaves in Freelife Mérida White paper (140 g) and inside pages in Tatami White (115 g). Lined with Dubletta 3255 cotton fabric, folios hand sewn with cotton thread.
  • 160 pp. in total.
  • Size: 16.5 x 24 cm.
  • Case-sculpture produced in rigid moulded polyurethane with a matt-black mineral charge finish. Neodymium magnet fastening.
  • Two sections measuring 32 × 50 cm each.
  • White Jesmonite base featuring the artist’s name in relief.
  • 15 kg. approx. (total weight of the work).