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ARTIKA chooses ARCO for the presentation of “Jaume Plensa 61"

ARTIKA chooses ARCO for the presentation of “Jaume Plensa 61"

On 28th February, the official presentation of Jaume Plensa 61was held at ARCO, attended by both the artist and Juan Ribalta, the CEO of ARTIKA. The most important contemporary art fair of the year thus became the perfect setting for this major event at which Plensa, a regular collaborator with ARCO, was also the protagonist given that several of his works were placed on exhibition in the gallery area of the art fair.

The event was well attended by all the main news media, as well as collectors and professionals from the art world who all acclaimed this new work by one of the most highly-considered artists on the international art scene.

During the presentation, Plensa declared himself to be extremely satisfied by the work he has produced in tandem with the publishing company ARTIKA, with the following words: “61 is about something that is fundamental for me – the working process. I believe that deep down, the artist experiences the images most intensely because it takes place in the privacy of his studio. And what is the studio? It’s the expansion of your head. All this content is stored inside this sort of magic box, and I think that’s wonderful”.

Jaume Plensa 61 is presented in a case-sculpture, specially created by the artist for this edition. A serialised sculpture in which the main feature is the face of a girl with her eyes closed, a recurring feature in Plensa’s work, and which invites us to discover the world of dreams; the connection between ourselves and our inner beauty. The image of this girl contains within it the Art Book and the Study Book, a limited, numbered edition of 2,998 copies, each signed by the artist.


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