Lita Cabellut

(1961) Considered one of the most internationally quoted and valued contemporary Spanish artists. Since her beginnings, her work has been influenced by the great Dutch masters, such as Rembrandt, but also by Velázquez, Goya or Bacon.

Defined as the portrait painter of souls, Cabellut is a creative genius, a multidisciplinary artist who works with various plastic supports and expresses herself in different disciplines such as sculpture, photography, poetry, visual poems, theatrical scenography and videos.

Portraits and the crackle technique define her art, which breathes violence and cruelty, energy and beauty, passion and desire. An art in constant evolution, which with his innovative compositions Face / Trace, reveals to us the character and his soul, a personal style in which the rollers he uses to make his graphic work are the real protagonists.


Lita Cabellut

Blood Weddings

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