Eduardo Chillida

Sobre lo que no sé


A unique work that invites reflection and aesthetic pleasure by following Chillida's strokes and his games with words. A limited and numbered jewel in which the artist's most personal and profound side leaves its mark on each page.

Artika, in collaboration with the Chillida-Leku Foundation-Museum, integrates all the writings that the artist wrote throughout his life, his thoughts, his way of seeing art and understanding life, accompanied by a careful selection of his graphic work, created by Ignacio Chillida, the artist’s son.

Grouped in three books, in loose sheets, the writings are recreated in colorful and impressive compositions that are accompanied by reproductions of drawings and collages from Chillida’s notebooks and private archives. 

60 high quality facsimile plates that make up a journey through his extensive career, from drawings of his early figurative period to his conceptual stage, a personal compilation that sees the light of day for the first time. 

The books are protected in an elegant case that acts as a picture frame. This original design allows any of the pages to be placed in the foreground, since the sheets are presented unsewn.

«A book always opened by a new, ever-changing page, a frame open to aesthetic enjoyment and reflection.»

The work closes its perfect circle with a book of studies with the collaboration of three authors who bring us closer to the graphic work and the artist’s thoughts.



  • Iron case with black matte paint and birch wood interior frame.
  • 180° side opening of the case
  • Transparent laminated double glass front
  • Title of the work silk-screened on the frame
  • Security lock on the right side with key of exclusive design
  • Two holes on the back for hanging the case
  • Iron lever on the inside to raise the books
  • Format: 38,7 x 48,4 x 8 cm
  • Total weight of the work: 12.5 kg.


A work composed of three books:

  • Más vale ciento volando: 168 pages and 34 plates.
  • Yo soy un fuera de la ley (I am an outlaw): 72 pages and 14 plates
  • Questions: 60 pages and 12 plates
  • Paper for the text pages: Fedrigoni Old Mill Bianco 190 gr.
  • Paper for the plates: River Artist natural white 120 gr.
  • paper for the covers: Old Mill Bianco by Fedrigoni, 300 gr.
  • Text printing in 3 direct inks
  • Printing of plates in 5 inks
  • Manual folding, folding and folding and folding by hand.
  • Format: 34 x 44 cm


  • Number of pages: 192
  • Semi-matte 150 gr coated paper
  • 4-color printing
  • Bound in hard cover with straight spine lined in 190 gr Old Mill Bianco paper by Fedrigoni.


The collaboration with the Chillida – Leku Museum has allowed access to the originals, so the rigor of the plates is optimal.

The graphic work has been printed in five inks, with stochastic screening, thus guaranteeing that none of the values of the original are lost.

The quality of the illustrations is meticulously verified, passing several controls by experts in graphic arts and by the Chillida-Leku Museum itself.

The plates, on Rives Artist paper, have been glued by hand on gray paper, which serves as a frame for the print.

The sheets of the books are presented without stitching, so the pages have been folded, raised and stuffed by hand.

The case, created and assembled by craftsmen, is made of iron, glass and birch wood, designed for contemplating the work.

The case incorporates an iron lever on the left side which, when the cover is opened, lifts the pages and allows the books to be removed.

The books, with their French dust jacket, are protected in the case. A key designed exclusively for this work allows it to be locked securely.

Eduardo Chillida

Eduardo Chillida

(1924-2002) Philosophy, spirituality and mysticism are elements rooted in Chillida’s thought. The sculptural works of the Spanish artist play with the relationship between volumes and spaces, matter or scale, working with materials such as iron or concrete. His starting point has been archaic Greek sculpture, but his concern for interior form and his need to monumentalize art have always been evident.

In addition to receiving numerous awards, Chillida exhibited on many occasions around the world, being represented in major museums and art collections in Europe and the United States.

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