Antonio López


Antonio López paints his life in this exclusive edition of Artika: the author shows the scenarios, the works and the most relevant people of his career and reveals his inner self through his way of capturing the outside world.

He evokes thoughts, experiences and emotions, sharing his story and his inspiration through the art of those who were his greatest influences. In this way, Paisajes becomes his most personal artist’s book and, at the same time, his most intimate portrait.

An exclusive edition limited to 2,998 hand-numbered copies, signed one by one by the artist.

Antonio López has been involved in all phases of the project: in addition to signing the 2,998 copies, he handcrafted his own model of this edition. He chose the images from his paintings and drawings and hand-wrote his memories and reflections, in addition to ceding images from his personal archive. The result is a living work, structured as a personal diary, which covers his entire creative and life trajectory.

Paisajes spans a century of art and life: it begins in 1917, with the work of his uncle, Antonio López Torres, and later, it is his wife, María Moreno, also a painter, who takes center stage.

«He himself handcrafted his own model of this edition.»

In a chronological way, López shows from his formative years and first paintings, passing through some of the remarkable moments around his artistic creation, to the urban scenes that have made him famous and the paintings he is still working on.



  • Case in MDF painted in noir gray monochrome.
  • Name of the work and the author laser engraved on the side, on base stand.
  • Tempered glass of 0.4 cm (0.16 in.).
  • Size of the complete case: 53 x 49,5 x 9 cm. Window piece dimensions: 44 x 49.5 x 9 cm.
  • Total weight of artwork: 9.2 kg (20.25 lb.).


  • The Art Book Chronologically, it shows us from the artist’s formative years and his first paintings, through some of the remarkable moments surrounding his artistic creation, to the urban scenes that have made him famous and the paintings he is still working on.
  • Bilingual edition, Spanish and English
  • 224 pages
  • Size: 40.5 x 45 cm (15.95 x 17.72 in.).
  • Weight: 4.5 kg (9.92 lb.)


  • 100% cotton paper, museum quality, with Melinex protective plastic.
  • Diptych die-cut folder closed with white conservation cardboard, passe-partout type.
  • Certificate of authenticity of the giclée and UN stamp in A4.
  • Digital signature of the artist
  • The window and the case are joined by magnets. 
  • Measurements: 39.6 x 46.4 cm (15.59 x 18.27 in.). 


Antonio López has participated in all the processes of creation of Paisajes. Here we see him reviewing color proofs in the pages of the Art Book.

The pages of the Art Book have been hand-sewn with high quality cotton thread to form the guts of this volume.

The cover with the image of one of the artist’s most recognizable cityscapes is composed for later attachment to the book.

The cover is attached to the volume’s casing with special glue, a painstaking process that is done entirely by hand.

Made of wood, the artisan cabinetmakers cut each of the pieces separately and then join and assemble the display case and the stand.

The artist’s name “Antonio López” is laser engraved, one by one, on the base and the title “Paisajes” on the side that closes the display case.

To give them a distinguished and spectacular touch, the display case and all the wooden pieces are painted in a noir gray monochrome.

The placement of the glass in the display case recreates the window of the Madrid building from which the artist painted the painting on the cover of the Art Book. 

Limited edition print, numbered and stamped with the seal that guarantees the giclée printing technique, includes the artist’s signature, and is presented in a transparent frame for protection and exhibition.

The artist’s involvement in all the processes involved in the creation of the work culminates with the signing, one by one, of the 2,998 copies.

The design of the case offers several options for display, depending on whether you want to enjoy the giclée print, the Art Book or both at the same time.

Antonio López

Antonio López

(1936) Spanish realism is written with its own name, that of Antonio López, one of the most important contemporary artists in the history of our art. His production gathers elements of different artistic currents, such as cubism or surrealism. However, from the 1960s on, he left behind the dreamlike to develop a more objective approach.

His works are an autobiography that range from the pictorial to the sculptural.

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