Pablo Picasso

La Celestina


An exclusive, limited and numbered work shows us an experienced and dynamic Picasso, a tireless worker and unconditional admirer of La Celestina, a universal classic of the 15th century.

In collaboration with the Succession Picasso, Artika presents for the first time in Spanish a unique edition, with a selection of engravings chosen and arranged by the artist himself to illustrate one of his favorite books, the classic by Fernando de Rojas.

The 66 engravings reproduced belong to Suite 347, a work that captured as a diary all that Picasso saw, heard, imagined and lived during the French May, with related themes in La Celestina as the strength and the constant struggle of human life.

This deluxe edition, of 2,998 copies, is accompanied by the book of Studies, which by the hand of five authors opens up the vision and enjoyment of these two masterpieces. With it, we enter into the richness and detail of all the anecdotes and anecdotes that both enclose.

A handcrafted case in Antibes blue, inspired by this Mediterranean city so closely related to the artist, houses an aluminum case, engraved and die-cut, which collects La Celestina and the book of Studies under the attentive and striking gaze of Picasso.



  • Side opening with double hinge
  • Lining Canapetta cotton fabric extra 1450, Antibes blue
  • Handmade
  • Exclusive high-density foam nest with side slits for easy removal of the aluminum cover
  • Inside cover: enlarged detail of the photograph of Pablo Picasso in Vallauris, 1957.
  • Format: 44.7 x 44.7 x 9 cm.


  • Upper die-cut with the painter’s signature
  • Aluminum 5005 simile of 2 mm thick matte anodized aluminum.
  • Contains the book La Celestina and the Book of Studies.
  • Format: 35,5 x 35,5 cm


  • Number of pages: 444
  • Reproduction of 66 engravings by Pablo Picasso.
  • Folded, folded, folded, raised and sewn by hand.
  • Old Mill Bianco paper by Fedrigoni, 130 gr.
  • Printing of the texts in 2 inks
  • Engravings printed in 3 inks
  • Paperback binding with 400 gr. semi-rigid cover, stamped in matte silver,
  • Cover in 300 gr Old Mill Bianco paper, printed in matte silver with a second cover in 70 gr glassine paper.
  • Format: 33 x 33 cm


  • Number of pages: 144
  • 130 gr Old Mill Bianco paper by Fedrigoni
  • 5 color printing
  • Paperback binding with 300 gr Old Mill Bianco paper, stamped and matte silver
  • Texts by 5 authors
  • Photographs in black and White of Pablo Picasso
  • Format: 33 x 33 cm


For perfect printing, this is done in two phases. Each sheet is checked for approval or discard.

Its binding with folded sheets requires hand work to close the sheets, place them in folds and form the casing.

Because of its dimensions, the book’s casing is sewn with a semi-manual machine using cotton thread.

The aluminum plates with the author’s signature are die-cut one by one under supervision.

With precision, the aluminum plate is transformed into a protective sleeve to hold the volumes.

The two parts of the case are joined by hand using precision welding points.

Each case is handmade in high quality materials, with handcrafted finishes.

The case, in Antibes blue cotton fabric, is made to withstand the weather and contains a custom-made nest of the aluminum case.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

(1881-1973) Cubism, worldwide, has an indisputable and iconic representative: Picasso. The artist from Malaga is, without a doubt, one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, entering into numerous artistic movements and serving as an inspiration and influence for many other great artists.

The artist worked with numerous artistic genres, from drawing and painting, to sculpture and ceramics, to set design and theatrical costumes. Picasso left the richest personal artistic work of our country, a fabulous heritage of worldwide interest.

Moreover, Picasso was a great advocate that art does not consist in the application of a canon of beauty but in what the instinct and the brain are capable of conceiving beyond that canon.

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