Joan Miró

Homenaje a Gaudí


The essence of architecture, painting and letters come together in this jewel of art. The colorful richness of Miró, with black lines and the combination of colors, evokes the ceramic mosaics of Gaudí. A fusion, a journey that will take us to a polychrome and vital world of unparalleled beauty.

ARTIKA, in collaboration with the Miró Foundation of Barcelona and the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation of Palma, presents this work, limited and numbered of 998 copies, which brings together the complete Suite of the 21 engravings that Joan Miró made in tribute to the great genius Antoni Gaudí.

In a special wooden case -reminiscent of the packaging used by museums to ship works of great value- is the Art Book, whose binding imitates a large drawing folder, where you can enjoy the reproduction of the 21 engravings.

On the black of the pages stands out the off-white handwriting of the handwritten texts, made specifically for this work, by the academic Pere Gimferrer, who already collaborated years ago with his friend Joan Miró.

«A jewel that breathes Gaudí and that will allow us to enjoy the work of Joan Miró in the most intimate, personal and exclusive way.»

A book of studies will give us a greater delight of the prints and texts. We will know first-hand through specialists the close relationship between these three exceptional artists and the meaning of their creations.



  • Thermoprocessed pine wood case – heat pre-treated – to prevent warping.
  • Internal magnets to close the lid tightly
  • Title of the work and artist screen-printed on the lid.
  • Format: 56 x 76 x 8 cm
  • Total weight of the artwork: 18,5 cm


  • Silk-screen printed text on black cardboard, hand-stitched with cotton thread
  • 4 mm cardboard cover with corner protectors and spine reinforced with black cloth.
  • Number of pages: 96, with 21 facsimiles of die-cut drawings joined to the book by three glue points.
  • Format: 50 x 70 cm


  • 4 color printing on two types of paper.
  • Bound in cardboard covered in black cloth with round spine.
  • Number of pages: 296
  • Format: 27 x 37,5 cm


For an optimal result, the colors of the print are matched with the originals, five inks and two screens are used: normal and stochastic.

A cutting craftsman cuts out the laser stamps without leaving burnt traces, following the profile of the originals.

The texts are transferred to a silk screen, through which the ink will pass, printing in vivid color on black cardboard.

The sheets are then folded to form the book’s casing. Due to its large size, the bookbinder sews each copy by hand.

Once the Art Book is sewn, the prints are glued by hand using three dots of glue. Each image coincides with its text.

The covers are made of cardboard, black cloth and hot stamping of the title and authors.

After the books are thoroughly checked, they are numbered and the total number of unique copies is certified before a notary.

The handmade packaging begins with the dehydration of the wood, to avoid deformation, and ends with the placement of magnets that guarantee a secure closure.

Joan Miró

Joan Miró

(1893 -1983) Spanish painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist, Miró is one of the great names of surrealism, although his work flees from academicism and from ascribing to a particular artistic style. An artist rooted in his homeland, but with a great international projection, even exhibiting in New York and Paris.

After his stay in the French capital, his work becomes more fanciful and dreamlike, abandoning the more conventional methods of painting.

His interest in everyday objects and the natural environment will be the background of some of his technical and formal research. Thus, he created a unique and personal language, being one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century.

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