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Don Quijote


An extraordinary edition of Cervantes' immortal work, with facsimile reproductions of the watercolors and drawings that Dalí made, fascinated by the personality of Don Quijote, a new perspective of Cervantes' text with unforgettable images, full of fantasy, magic, wit...

An extraordinary edition of Cervantes’ immortal work, with facsimile reproductions of the watercolors and drawings that Dalí made, fascinated by the personality of Don Quijote, a new perspective of Cervantes’ text with unforgettable images, full of fantasy, magic, wit…

Dalí, from his particular vision, places Don Quixote in the extraordinary world of Dalí, the Cervantes passages are enriched with the painter’s own iconography, with elements explained with precision, architectural forms, figures, ants, pebbles, spiral sketched forms. They are intense anecdotes that revitalize the scenes.

The volume, hand-sewn and with velvety red covers, includes the plates illustrated by the artist from Empordà and the complete text of the work as it was published in the 17th century, together with the annotations of the renowned philologist Martín de Riquer.

Several specialists take us into the complex world created by Cervantes and delve into and interpret Dalí’s strokes and compositions in order to have a global vision. All of this is brought together in a book of studies that, like the treasure it is, is secretly collected inside a case lined with golden cloth.

«An unrepeatable work of art, limited and numbered of 998 copies.»



  • Protective case, handmade, lined with golden cotton fabric.
  • Reinforced in wood and lined on the inside.
  • Inside, it has a removable tray at the bottom to hold the Study Book.
  • Total weight of the work: 12 kg


  • Number of pages: 672
  • Cover lined in velvety cloth with gold and black stamping.
  • The stamping on the cover reproduces a detail from one of Dalí’s books for Don Quixote and Dalí’s signature.
  • Annotated edition by Martín de Riquer, with the complete texts of 1605, for the first part, and 1625, for the second part.
  • Text paper: Corolla Antique Premium by Fedrigoni.
  • Text printed in 3 inks
  • 43 facsimile illustrations on Chromomat paper, printed in 5 inks.
  • Hand-glued plates
  • Hand-stitching of the volume
  • Gold silk reading ribbon
  • Format: 37 x 37 cm


  • Number of pages: 192
  • Covered in gilt cloth with red and black prints.
  • Includes comments on the illustrations by Dalí and photographs of the artist.
  • Format: 24 x 24 cm


The drawings and watercolors made by Dalí for Don Quixote are the property of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí.

The prints have been printed with stochastic screening and thermal plates for an impeccable reproduction, faithful to the original.

The illustrations, of great value, have been glued by hand with three dots of glue, in a meticulous and delicate process.

Each plate bears the seal of the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí and the copy number corresponding to the volume.

The design of the covers, in three sections and stamped in gold and black, makes them easy to read and guarantees a perfect finish.

Due to its size, the sewing has been done by hand with high quality cotton thread on a semi-manual machine.

Each copy has been numbered from 1 to 998 by a calligrapher and notarized.

The case, handmade and reinforced with wood on the inside, has been lined with golden cloth and printed by hand.

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí

(1904-1989) Dalí, the great multidisciplinary artist of the 20th century and of surrealism, is characterized by his striking dreamlike images, which already enjoyed prestige and popularity during his lifetime.

As an extremely independent and imaginative author, he always showed a remarkable tendency towards rather extravagant behavior. At the Student Residence, he was in contact with the great poet Federico García Lorca and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel.

At the presentation of the film “Un perro andaluz” by Buñuel, he met Gala, who would become his wife and muse, a key piece of his artistic creation.

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