Salvador Dalí

Autobiografia de Cellini


The life of Benvenuto Cellini is the common thread of this unique work of art, co-edited with the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, where the painter from Empordà captures his admiration and personal vision of the Renaissance genius in 52 drawings that breathe from the aroma of Renaissance Florence to Dalí's hermetic interpretations.

In an exclusive book, lined in black silk, the art of the powerful Italian city, with Cellini’s texts, and the rapturous inspiration of Salvador Dalí come together, with the reproduction of his simple and descriptive line drawings or scenes of characters and action, which appear in a magical way among pleasant and fluid texts.

The book closes with a goldsmith’s jewel, the hand with a veined leaf, created by Dalí himself and reproduced life-size exclusively for this work.

«Renowned specialists help us to get to know the work of both artists through this book of studies, situating us in their time, analyzing their writings and bringing us, with detailed explanations of the plates, closer to the essence of each drawing.»

This numbered jewel, limited to 998 copies, is presented in a spectacular gold and black case that transforms into a lectern, facilitating the exhibition and enjoyment of this inimitable work.



  • Case in black cellulose material on the box and gold-plated on the lid on stand
  • Lid with black and gold stampings
  • Removable side of the box as a lectern for the exhibition of the work
  • Removable tray to hold the study book
  • Format: 49,5 x 49 cm
  • Total weight of the work: 13 kg


  • Number of pages: 368
  • Fedrigoni Chromomat cotton paper, 140 gr.
  • 52 numbered plates with the seal of the Fundació Gala – Salvador Dalí (41 drawings and watercolors + 2 sketches + 9 preparatory drawings)
  • Printing of the texts in black and gold ink
  • Printing of plates in 4 inks
  • Hand-glued plates on book leaf previously printed in gold
  • Hand-glued closing of veined leaf
  • Format: 35 x 37 cm


  • Number of pages: 160
  • 4-color printing
  • 11 photographic reproductions of works by Benvenutto Cellini
  • 6 photographs of Salvador Dalí
  • Covers lined in black silk
  • Format: 20 x 23 cm


  • Life-size reproduction of the original
  • This model has been made in metal alloy and gold plated by the only company authorized by the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí.
  • Placed on the cover with a double pin that is embedded in the cardboard of the cover.
  • Size: 6,5 x 5,5 x 0,8 cm


On the gold-printed pages of the book, the sheets, of different formats, are fixed by hand with three points of glue.

The binding combines traditional methods, such as gluing and semi-manual stitching, with technical advances in pressing and guillotining.

The manufacture and shaping of the round spine is done by hand, using traditional techniques performed by master craftsmen.

The covers sheathe the spine of the book, acquiring great resistance without the covers supporting the weight of the book when it is opened.

The plates bear the numbering corresponding to each volume, together with the seal of the Fundació Gala – Salvador Dalí.

An edition of 998 units has been produced, hand-numbered and certified before a notary.

The handmade case incorporates a removable tray for the Study Book and a lectern for reading the book without moving it.

The cover of the case, stamped in gold and black, has a module inside that immobilizes the book in the box.

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí

(1904-1989) Dalí, the great multidisciplinary artist of the 20th century and of surrealism, is characterized by his striking dreamlike images, which already enjoyed prestige and popularity during his lifetime.

As an extremely independent and imaginative author, he always showed a remarkable tendency towards rather extravagant behavior. At the Student Residence, he was in contact with the great poet Federico García Lorca and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel.

At the presentation of the film “Un perro andaluz” by Buñuel, he met Gala, who would become his wife and muse, a key piece of his artistic creation.

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